Land O' Lakes Fish & Game Club

Educational Grant Program

The Land O’ Lakes Fish and Game Club makes grants available to teachers in the Northland Pines, Phelps school districts of Wisconsin and the Watersmeet school district of Michigan and private schools. Curriculum projects are considered which meet the objectives of enhancing student awareness of appreciation and conservation of the environment, natural resources and wildlife.

Category I grants are for amounts less than $500. Supplies for research or instructional programs, field trips, books and science kits are examples. Funds are customarily applied to grants where materials are not available in the normal school budget.

Category II grants are for projects of a quality and nature likely to have a significant impact on individuals, but also upon the larger community and may be for amounts of up to $1,000. Display cases, large group field trips to science centers and saw mill projects are examples. These grants are applied to truly innovative projects, which go beyond ordinary classroom activities and may benefit the entire school.

Brochures and applications are distributed to individual schools in September and educators submit their projects by November 1. The Educational Grant Committee assesses and prioritizes requests according to funds designated each year. Prioritized lists are then submitted to the club board for final approval. Teachers are then notified of acceptances or rejections.

In 1994 the club established an Educational Fund for the purpose of underwriting costs associated with specific environmental learning programs. Since that time, over $40,000 has been awarded in grants to teachers in the above school districts.

Click here to download the Teacher Grant Application Form

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